Viewing Quick Stats Detail

You can access the Quick Stats Detail page to view statistic details for contributions, expenditures and loans that were included on reports filed in the specified year.


To access the Quick Stats Detail page:


  1. Perform the steps for Viewing Quick Stats.


  1. Click the more quick stats button.


The Quick Stats Detail page is displayed.


To view statistic details:


Note: For all sections except Contributions by Occupation, only the top 10 records are displayed.





View filing statistics...

Perform the steps for Viewing Filing Statistics.

Display information in a specific section...

Click the + to the left of the desired section.


The section is expanded. To hide the information, click the - to the left of the section.

View information for a specific jurisdiction if available...

Select the jurisdiction to view from the select jurisdiction drop-down.


Information for the specified jurisdiction is displayed in the data grid.

View all records in a section or historical contributions by occupation...

  1. Click the corresponding link above the data grid.


The information is displayed in a popup window.


  1. To filter the data displayed in the data grid, select the desired criteria from the corresponding drop-downs.


The data grid displays only those records that match the specified criteria.


  1. When finished viewing the information, click the x in the upper right corner of the window to close it.

Sort the data grid...

Click the column heading by which to sort the grid.


The data grid is sorted by the specified column.

Close the Quick Stats Detail page...

Click the return to summary button.


The Quick Stats page is displayed.


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