Searching for a Complaint

You can access the Complaint Search page to search for and view an official complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office.


Note: In the Disposition Includes field, you can search for specific strings of data, including single words, single phrases, multiple strings, multiple words, and a combination of single or multiple words and phrases. Separate words and phrases by spaces and enclose phrases in quotes.


To find all complaints where the disposition includes...

In the Disposition Includes field, type...



relief and/or ruling

relief ruling (in no particular order)

motion to dismiss

"motion to dismiss"

agency decision

"agency decision"

motion to dismiss and/or agency decision

"motion to dismiss" "agency decision" (in no particular order)

relief, motion to dismiss, ruling, and/or agency decision

relief "motion to dismiss" ruling "agency decision" (in no particular order)


To access the Complaint Search page:


To search for a complaint:


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