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Registered User Login Campaign Finance Manual (PDF)
Online Forms

Filers must complete and submit the following forms online. The system will guide you through the filing process.

o Committee Registration
o Electioneering Report
o Gifts and Honoraria Report
Downloadable Forms

This page provides access to all of the blank forms that are used for campaign and political finance in Colorado.

o 48-Hour Disclosure of Direct Ballot Issue or Ballot Question Expenditure of One Thousand Dollars or More
o Campaign Finance Checklist for Candidates
o Committee Registration Form for New Committees
o Committee Registration Amendment Form
o Notice of Change in Committee Type (Small-Scale Issue Committee to Issue Committee)
o Statement of Withdrawal of Voluntary Acceptance of Campaign Spending Limits
o Personal Financial Disclosure Statement
o Personal Financial Disclosure Statement Update (use only to update a complete PFD on file)
o Independent Expenditure Committee Registration Form
o Declaration of Intent to Run - Judicial
o Covered Organization Affirmation – Corporation (For-Profit)
o Covered Organization Affirmation – Corporation (Non-Profit)
o Covered Organization Affirmation – Independent Expenditure Committee
o Request for Redaction of Personal Information on a Covered Organization Affirmation Form
o Sample LLC Affirmation Statement
o Small-Scale Issue Committee Initial Report – Detailed Summary Report of Contributions and Expenditures
o TRACER Username and PIN Permissions Form for Additional Users
o Bulk Data Download Request Form
o Campaign Finance Complaint Cover Sheet
o Notice of Intent to Cure (Complaints)
o Forms for Municipal Clerks