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Learn to Use TRACER
The campaign finance support team has created web based training, in the form of webinars, on how to navigate and work within TRACER. These webinars are simply short pre-recorded PowerPoint presentations and/or videos, with verbal instructions, showing the various features and functions of the TRACER system. The webinars are available 24/7 for your convenience. Many of the features and functions in TRACER are common to all committee types and the majority of webinars are not committee specific. The running time of the webinars are shown at the end of each link.
For the Public:
o 1. TRACER Home Page Tour (7:27)  
o 2. Submitting a Candidate Affidavit (8:56)  
o 3. Registering a Committee (6:19)  
o 4. Registering a Small Scale or Regular Issue Committee (7:29)  
o 5. Quick Stats - Financial Data Summary (5:23)  
o 6. Public Reports (3:00)  
o 7. Search Complaints (5:15)  
o 8. Search Contributions (6:08)  
o 9. Search Expenditures (6:07)  
o 10. Search Document Images (3:59)  
o 11. Search Supplemental Reports (4:17)  
o 12. Search Penalties (4:27)  
o 13. Political Race History Search (4:36)  
o 14. Filing a Gift and Honoraria Report (5:32)  
For Registered Users:
o R1a. Accessing Your Workspace for the First Time (6:20)  
o R1b. Accessing Your Workspace If You Are Locked Out (4:16)  
o R2. Workspace Tour (4:25)  
o R3. Updating a Candidate Affidavit (5:43)  
o R4. Update Committee Registration & Agents (6:59)  
o R5a. Contributions - Adding (16:30)  
o R5b. Contributions - Adding - 24 Hour Major Contributions (7:40)  
o R5c. Contributions - Adding LLC Contributions (11:05)  
o R5d. Contributions - Updating (8:30)  
o R5e. Contributions - Deleting (4:59)  
o R5f. Contributions - Returning & Non-Sufficient Funds (5:19)  
o R5g. Contributions - Contributor Maintenance (3:08)  
o R5h. Donations - Adding (Independent Expenditure Committees) (12:30)  
o R6a. Expenditures - Adding (16:53)  
o R6b. Expenditures - Updating (6:54)  
o R6c Expenditures - Deleting (3:53)  
o R6d. Expenditures - Returning (3:49)  
o R6e. Expenditures - Payee Maintenance (3:01)  
o R6f. Expenditures - Adding (Independent Expenditure Committees) (15:48)  
o R6g. Expenditures - Adding - 48 Hour Independent Expenditures (6:42)  
o R7a. Loans - Adding (4:24)  
o R7b. Loans - Updating and Deleting (3:08)  
o R7c. Loans - Payments (4:27)  
o R7d. Loans – Forgiving a Candidate Loan (2:17)  
o R8a. File Reports Tab - File Report with Activity; File a Termination Report (6:43)  
o R8b. File Reports Tab – File Report with No Activity (3:40)  
o R8c. File Reports Tab - History (3:33)  
o R8d. File Reports Tab - Gift and Honoraria Report (6:15)  
o R9a. EDI - Uploading Entries (5:54)  
o R9b. EDI - Reversing Uploaded Entries (2:14)  
o R9c. EDI - Error Hunting Tool (Self-Paced)  
o R10. Waiver Requests (1:49)